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TLP-02 Ninja Force Hi Ranger in Danger

An imaginary jewel, Black Sphere. It is said that if you collect all the jewels, you can govern the world. One day, a cosmic invader Jardus preempt attacks on the earth radiating mysterious light beam to various places on earth from space, seeking the last Black Sphere which is said to be on earth. By the beam, the training facilities of the earth protection Ninja Unit is destroyed and the members who live that area dies. However, at the right time, Naomi Nozawa, who is not in the facilities for the sake of being baptized as Highranger, solely survives. Jardus coming on the space ship Hyakhut release combatants and tries to confuse the order of the earth. Naomi beats down many combatants to get in the space ship Hyakhut, fighting as one of Highranger. However, she has a hard fight with Jardus, and her powered suit is cut up. And Jardus shoots stone liquid, which petrifies her leg, and she cannot move. Jardus torments her. Moreover, the mask which controls the function of the powered suit is stripped… Naomi twists her face with pain. To draw the true purpose to come to the earth, where “Black Sphere” essential for the conquering of the universe is, he put her on torture. She is put on a headgear in which damages are piled up and released, and the body of Highranger is completely beated. To the body battered, several damaged are released at once. Highranger gets faint with an unexplainable pain… The torture by Jardus begins. Jardus sprays melting liquid on the powered suit, then the suit begins to tear. Jardus takes an image-embodying item, “Trick Capsule,” from Naomi, and puts dark power into it. When he opens the capsule, very ugly worms come out from inside. Jardus put mucus which worms like on all over her body. The worms wind around her body, and lick all over her body with a tongue of like a snake. Highranger gnashing with disgrace is disgraced by Jardus, and unfortunately into the futz lots of sperm is poured. And Jardus put into the ear of Highranger the worm, “Mermory Worm,” which takes away her memory, and he takes away the memory of Black Sphere. Highranger, whose spirit is destroyed, is kept raping as a comfort for combatants…

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