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TKV-05 Heroine body blow 5

A high school girl, Akane, is bright and good at all sports, and in a moment of danger she transforms herself into Bishojo Heroine Sailor Trooper, who fights with evils beautifully. To solve school affairs in which people are spirited away, she stays in her school. Then there appears an evil organization, “Don Fan”, led by a cold-blooded boss, “General Mask.” She fights with the combatants, but is beaten by the deadly punch of General Mask and caught. What have been waiting for the confined girl are persistent attacks on her stomach with punches, a string ball, and a sledgehammer, and lighting punch hell by the electric man. Terrible pain, vomiting, and a shriek… Sailor Trooper dreams of tomorrow’s sunlight, bearing the attacks on her stomach… Leading Actor: Akane Ogura

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