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TJH-22 Middle-aged Woman Heroine 22

Special Rangers Attack Five, trying to defend the peace on Earth, has felled the long-time enemy Gorman after a deadly battle! Everybody believed that peace has come to Earth at long last again. Pink, the only girl in the Attack Five, has grown to be a mother, leading her life busy with her child son. One day, Pink’s son gets assaulted by the monsters sent by revived Gorman. Alone, Pink fights Gorman, but alas her attacking power has waned from her previous days of actions! Watch out, Pink, carry on! Then, her old mate Yellow comes to her help and saves her from the fix. She is rejoiced over the reunion. But, from the day on, old members of Attack Five start to be missing one after another. Yellow, once in love with Pink, tries to win her back again, organizes a group called Neo Gorman, and rushes at Pink. Yellow punishes her in disgrace. Pink gets molested by her old-time buddy! Will she get away from this brink!

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