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TJH-15 Middle-aged Heroine 15

My name is Ayaka Miyazaki. I’m a married woman. I may look like an ordinary housewife, but I am actually a secret warrior of Earth’s Defense Force, protecting the peace of the whole world day and night.” However, cowardly enemy takes her son hostage!! Solider Mask is now in big trouble. She can do nothing and she is assaulted, brought to orgasm by force with a tied rope and love magic spray. Then she is seen by her own husband while being disgraced by lower-class combatants.... and she is brought to orgasm again as her crotch is licked by her brainwashed son, and then with an electric vibrator used by her brainwashed spouse. She finally surrenders to pleasure and starts to masturbate. Now vile and fallen Solider Mask is humiliated, preyed on by her enemy’s combatants for their sexual gratification.

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