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TJH-14 Middle-aged Heroine 14

Miki works as a clear in the daytime, but as it gets at nightfall she takes bad persons’ lives as a hit person at a request from clients. Tonight having done the business she is at a bar with one of her partners Kagurazaka and Ken. As they enjoy drinking a new job offer is delivered. It asks them to kill Yoshio Zennin who is a former assistant of the leader Kagurazaka. Zennin, now a boss of yakuza, have fully engaged with unfair businesses. Kagurazaka hesitatingly reflects on the offer and decides to withdraw himself from the offer. Miki sympathies with his hesitation and says that she will not take it up, either. The decline made by them frustrates young ambitious Ken and he dashes out of the bar to do the job just by himself. Miki runs after him out of fear of his safety. On arrival to the hideout of Zennin she discovers Ken’s dead body abandoned! Now, Kagurazaka tries to get to the hideout in revenge of Ken. But, Miki holds him back to volunteer for it... Is she going to get the job done? She takes the revenge out of pride as a professional hit person...

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