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TJH-12 Mature woman heroine EPISODE12

Eight years from marriage. A wife, Kaori, is weird of her marriage life… Once she was fighting an evil organization to bring peace as a star member of Earch Protection Army. However, tired from the daily battle with the evils, Kaori chose the happy life as a woman. After that, she got a peaceful life, and for her, her husband, Naoya, treats her good, which she loves and hated. For the first place, Kaori, who had been feeling thrill and excite in dangerous situation, felt the tenderness from Naoya was firstly fresh but at the same time, boring. As if her heart of such were transparent, evil hands are coming after her. A female director, Mrs. Doria of a secret organization, Aku, who once had been beaten by Kaori, was scheming to revenge Kaori! That plot is to look for the potential desire of Kaori and make her sexual servant of Mrs. Doria! Can Kaori, as Mrs. Martial, comes back again as a heroine and protect peace of her family!

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