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TJH-11 Mature woman heroine EPISODE11

Huka and Old Master has met again after a long time. Now Huka has got married and is leading a happy life. She invites Old Master into her house and goes shopping him to treat him. However, when she gets home, there is not Old Master and her husband! They were caught hostage by Shadow Ghosts! Huka transforms herself into heroine, tries to rescue them. However, her sword cannot compete with the enemy, and she also becomes their hostage… Unconsciously her voice can be heard with an electric massage by combatants. And the game of Shadow Ghosts begins! When her voice can be heard, a trigger is pulled pistol aiming at the space between the eyebrows of Old Master… Yes, Russian roulette!! An insidious torture of Shadow Ghosts begins, and Huka desperately bears the pain! However, the body of Huka which the degree of sensation has been grown with age… And how will Old Master be…!?

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