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TJH-08 Middle-aged Heroine 08

Yuri Moroboshi was forty-year-old widowed women who has a daughter of eighteen. She was, to tell the truth, Milky Seven, the justice space woman from Nebula S78. She destroyed the evil alien twenty years ago. Since then, she had not appeared before the earth people. However, the earth was exposed to the danger of invasion again! The evil alien kidnapped Yuri’s precious daughter (the member of the unit) and entrapped her. She changed into Milky Seven and fought with the monsters. But forty-year-old beautiful heroine was tortured by the alien and forced to fainting. She was disgraced, sexually assaulted by vibrations, with repeated fainting and humilated internal cum shot, in front of her own daughter. Three months later, forty-year-old Yuri was pregnant with the child of alien...and...

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