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TJH-06 Middle-aged Heroine 06

Yuriko, 41-year-old, married, no child...she lives in a happy bed and board, and she seems to be a usual woman, but in fact she is the heroine for justice ”Zenda-girl”... Of course even her husband doesn’t know that secret...! When her hubby is in his office, she transforms into Zenda-girl and investigate drug trafficking... Meanwhile, juvenile crimes which are called ”Oyaji-gari” are happening all over...! And brutal guys begin threatening Yuriko’s happy life... Yuriko [Zenda-girl] beats those guys down. But they contrive a revenge. Zenda-girl being her husband abducted, goes to rescue him, but there are lots of dangerous traps. Suddenly, a misterious phantom attacks her...!! Zenda-girl endure a hard fight to rescue her hubby with her neck choked by the phantom...! Guys diddles this Zenda-girl. 41-year-old matured body feels something in juvie disgraces...!? Zenda-girls loses her consciousness, and get disgraced internally again and again...!

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