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TJH-03 Middle-aged Heroine 03

10 something years have gone by since the battle ended... Assam City, which has regained peace by Dark Girl, is in the middle of electing a new mayor. Then suddenly a shady evil force emerges! There begin a series of suspicious incidents; citizens start to die off like crazy after giving away their true feelings all of a sudden and turning violent. And a wired message saying ”Elect me as mayor, cast an honest vote for me!” is televised. It is Mr. Gagman who is doing this. His ambition turns out to be alive! Then the surroundings of Dark Girl Saki who has been living a peaceful life start to bustle about. Her sworn friend Kevin is in it! Dark Girl Saki and Kevin sneak into Gagman’s hide-out. But she falls into the enemy’s trap and gets caught. Gagman questions her, ”What’s your intention?”, ”Can you really save other people’s lives?”, ”Stop being a heroine and live as an ordinary woman!” Saki shakes her head at his mocking words. There Kevin is brought in front of her. Even he confesses his love to Saki and gluttonously digs into the piece of meat. Saki chokes on the forced blow-job. Her face is distorted with Gagman’s fists. Moreover, she is disgraced by ordinary people whom she has been trying to protect. ”Stop it! I’m on your side!” Even bewildered by the death of Kevin, Saki never loses the spirit of heroine. But what is waiting before her is her true mind. Her mature body seeks a man against her will. ”No, this is not what I want... but my body is in need of someone...” The reality closes on the mature heroine...

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