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THH-12 SUPER Heroine Domination 12

Orphaned very young, Shiho Kazama lives with her older brother Keio happily and quietly until one night on the street she witnesses a murder. The killer is a humanoid monster named Crabjaguar of the crime syndicate Destrogue who have plans to dominate the world. Crabjaguar murders Keio and Shiho is also fatally wounded, but is saved by Doctor Kobayashi, the master of android technology. To avenge the murderer of her brother, Shiho volunteers to become the super heroine Android Warrior Masked Savior W, but Cranjaguar and Death Satan, the mastermind of Destrogue, confront her... Masked Savior is nearly dead, but Crabjaguar’s final electric attack reboots her special belt. Masked Savior W’s power recovers and with the increased power she defeats Crabjaguar. Shiho Kazama finally settles an old score with her brother’s killer! HAPPY END

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