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THH-09 SUPER Heroine Domination 09

Karen is a special undercover agent “HUC,” Hyper Undercover. Her next job is to infiltrate into the enemy syndicate “Darkers” and get information. The mission seemed a success, but it was really the enemy’s trap set for Karen, who is attacked by “kaijins” or humanoid monsters. Every HUC member can wear a special armored suit if she engages in a battle with enemies, but to use the suit she must contact their superiors to obtain permission. While waiting for the green light, Karen is severely beaten. But finally the permission is given and she fights back, almost defeats the kaijin, who still has a trick up his sleeve. Karen is dragged into “The Darkers World” where monster’s power becomes five times stronger than normal. She has to face a tough fight again as the monster’s special liquid starts to melt the protector of her armored suit. Now terribly weakened Karen is tortured not only by the monster but also the lower-class combatants

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