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TDLN-132 Wizard Fighter Ami

Ami has a traffic accident suddenly. Simultaneously, Ami enters the White-World and meets with a mysterious creature named Sunjunelow(means a thirty-year old man). Then, she hears words of Sunjunelow, ’I will make your wish come true, so be the Magical Fighter’ , and she makes an agreement with Sunjunelow to live longer. But a monster appears in front of Ami right after she returns to the real world. ’Fight against it with your imagination!’ She nods to the words of Sunjunelow, and here the Magical Fighter Ami is born. She hears that a mission of the Magical Fighter is to corner and beat the Soul-Bug so that she desperately searches for the Soul-Bug and continues fighting. However...the Soul-Bug manipulates people and makes them attack her. She’s bewildered by these people, and she’s made a fool of without the ability to resist them. Furthermore, the Soul-Bug attacks Ami! Well, is it possible for her to escape from this crisis sure enough? And what is the truth of the contract made between Ami and Sunjunelow!? [BAD END]

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