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TDLN-104 Hypnotising Heroine Justy : Seven Days That Demonised An Female Agent

Saori Sawamukai is Hyper Space Special Agent Justy fighting the space crime syndicate Booma. As a daughter of Ran Kouda also known as Hyper Space Special Agent Sharian, Saori has taken over the job of her mother who died in the fight against Medora, another space crime organization. One day Saori becomes friends with the owner of an aromatherapy store Ren Nagamori, who looks really like her dead mother. The fact is she is Saori’s real mother Ran Kouda, whose life was spared by the leader of Booma. She survived the severe wounds by Booma’s cryogenic freezing, but lost her memories when she was brainwashed by the syndicate. Now a dedicated member of Booma, Ran slowly torments the body and the mind of Saori who still adores her. Saori fight back, believing Ran is a fake and a trap set by Booma to capture her, but when Booma’s high-rank officer and priest Borla reveals the truth to Saori, she loses the will and ability to fight. The brainwashed Ran, to show loyalty to the organization, continues to torture Saori harder than before, now that she knows Saori is her real daughter. The exhausted Saori, shocked by the fact that she was attacked by her own mother, falls asleep peacefully when she is suddenly caressed by her mother. Then Saori becomes member of Booma and kills another agent who arrives to rescue her. Now Saori is a Booma and together with her mother she serves the priest, but....

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