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TDD-03 Master Sergeant Gegero

From the 68th planet of the Garma galaxy, the Top Sergeant Gegero comes to invade the Pokopen as an inferior planet (the Earth). However, he drops his indispensable all-purpose item for the invasion, the Gero-Machine, and unfortunately the item is picked by an earthman. In order to take it back, he breaks into one room of a complex-apartment, but he is seen by the room’s resident, a high school girl named Narumi Kinata. The Top Sergeant Gegero tricks her and succeeds in taking it back, and also he tries suffering Narumi by the one of the machine’s functions, the Super Electric Shock. But contrary to his expectation, it runs out the battery, and he is counterattacked by Narumi, a good fighter in spite of her looks. Now Gegero guesses that he’ll just wait for his execution by Narumi. However, somehow Narumi’s older brother picks up another Gero-Machine and he comes home and protects Gegero, so Gegero escapes death. But since this, the Top Sergeant Gegero is continually driven hard by Narumi day by day... Hoever, without their expectation, a faint human bondage starts occurring between Narumi and Gegero. Such a day, Gegero’s fellows, the Corporal Guguru and the Technicial Sergeant Dadamar come round, and they give a jolt to Gegero, who meekly takes an surrender as a captive of an earthman. Gegero opens his eyes and starts moving toward his initial purpose, and suddenly he runs into a refrigerator and disappears. Narumi sees it, also opens the door of the refrigerator and she is sucked into it, and she jumps into Geroro’s secret base, which has been secretly built. But she is entwined and squeezed with tentacles, which are created against invaders, and inversely she becomes their captive. After that she is questioned about a location of the Gero-Machine and she is continually being put into a magnificent torture by Gururu and Dadamar. However, she pretends to be given up by their torture, and she uses the Gero-Machine and succeeds in transforming herself into a figure with a special tempered suit. She beats up Guguru and Dadamar, but that deed drives Geroro into a serious attitude. Her body is poked all over by Geroro’s space creature named Darts, which pokes into any creatures and sucks their energy, and she is finally defeated. After that, she just waits for her execution, but Geroro has become attached to Narumi. So he stops executing her. Instead of that, he chooses treating her as his eternal sex servant. [BAD END]

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