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TBR-01 Super Heroine Showery Surrender Beautiful Girl Fighter - Sailor Earth

Girls in town are all gone. Kidnapped by the mysterious cult... Ranko Nagisa, a pretty girlie warrior Sailor Earth, infiltrates into the cult compound, disguised as a member. Ranko changes into Sailor Earth to fell the cult leader. With a sacred shroud all around her, Sailor Earth sets out to beat the villains! With the mighty Sailor Arrow, she rounds up and defeats all the fighters, but the cult believers whom Sailor Earth has wanted to save stand against her to protect the guru. She gets her sacred crystal broach on her chest burned by evil torch, rendering her powerless. Sailor Earth is screwed by the guru while all the believers look on. The dirty, grotesque fucker of the guru keeps pumping in and out of her cunt, revealing her light pubic hair and the genital, while almost scraping off her inner lip. On to the face of Sailor Earth, who has so far been known as a pretty warrior, now made to come time and again in a shameful hunched position, excited, exultant believers rush up to splash their cum in Bukkake style. Sailor Earth has never been humiliated in such abject manner, and her mind crumbles down to pieces. With cum splashed and the meat rod poked into her mouth, Sailor Earth’s sacred shroud and costume keep fading away... at last to reveal her all naked. Sailor Earth now just fumbles with her genital miserably and maddeningly

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