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TBB-19 Heroine Suppression Vol.19

A big company Cyber Corp. secretly plans to start nuke wars all over the world. But the Republic’s Secret Investigative Organization sends an undercover agent to Cyber Corp. to stop their horrifying conspiracy. The undercover agent’s name is Knight Angel! Working as ordinary female worker by day, she nightly becomes a fighter for justice! But Cyber Corp. has just created a deadly cyborg. Knight Angel gets knocked out unconscious again and again, beaten up by the killing cyborg!! Knight Angel is severely interrogated by hard whipping, Deathtro-Cleaner body-suctioning machine, rubbing specially-made ointment on the body, and giving electric shock to tender spots. Knight Angel passed out, but not for long. Splashed water wakes her up and the torture never stops. She manages to run away once, catching her torturers off guard. But she is caught before long, and another hard torture begins with spanking and iron triangle horse. Knight Angel starts showing the whites of her eyes, losing her consciousness, but it’s not over yet because she still got something up in her sleeve....

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