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TBB-10 Heroine Suppression Vol.10

It was difficult to develop the nuclear weapon because the possession of the weapon became the problem. However, to protect Japan from enemy countries, the development of a special weapon other than the nuclear weapon was required. Therefore, the Government secretly asked AFKT to develop such a weapon. Dr. Tejiri, the representative AFKT, modified his brothers who had received a fatal injury to produce SUPER-Z and X-1. However, in the process of modification, an accident occured and Dr. Tejiri went crazy. He committed one crime after another by using SUPER-Z and X-1. To beat SUPER-Z and X-1, Space Woman rose. Stage 1 Fight aginst X-1. After seesaw game, she managed to win but got hurt by the foot. Stage 2 Super Woman, who has used up her energy by the fight against X-1 and got hurt by the foot, fought aginst SUPER-Z, who was stronger than X-1. However, the potential of Super Woman strikingly decreased and she could not attack. Stage 3 The electric whip of the cruel SUPER-Z mercilessly tortured the body of Super Woman. Stage 4 The legendary instrument of torture, Electnic thunder weight. When the ache is added, mass is also amplified. SUPER-Z dealt Super Woman blows in the body. Stage 5 Space Woman received a fatal injury. Cruel Tejiri forced her face to dip into the terrible nerve recovery solution not to kill her. It could maintain the life but entail acute pains. Stage 6 Space Woman was imprisoned in a room where cold air came down from the ceiling. The temperature began to decreae and the body of Super Woman began to freeze. What would become of her?

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