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TBB-08 Heroine Suppression Vol.08

Chinese kempo master Moon Trooper has a secret.... That she is a step-sister of evil Red Tattoo who has awaken the Devil, Satan! Sun Trooper and Cosmo Trooper got bewildered to know the truth. And the three of these girls come to take the pledge to defeat Satan. But, Satan lays out a sanctuary zone around him where Sailor Troopers’ sacred power become ineffective! Evil gurus beat up Sailor Troopers by emitting evil beam and then sexually punishment all of the three girl fighters. Sun Trooper severely suffers from the heat of evil fire and fell unconscious showing the whites of her eyes. Cosmo Trooper gets nasty punch and kick relentlessly all over the body and faints in agony after her legs are made wide split. Evil gurus continue to be nasty in the attack of her forcing her to awake up every time they knock out. Moon Trooper suffers brutal tortures after receiving an electric shock from fighting mates. Evil gurus execute a body blow, tread on the genitals, and make her faint in agony. Moon Trooper lingers on the brink of death wandering back and forth between life and death. What will happen to the girl fighting for justice?

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