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TBB-05 Heroine Suppression Vol.05

Aika, cat-type android, time travels from the future to the present time in order to protect her beloved doctor! The doctor goes to high school as a student at the present time, and a murdering android seeks the life of her! Aika has a fight against the murdering android by means of a fighting program, but falls into General Dogu’s trap. And the doctor in high school uniform and Aika get captured, then relentlessly sexually tortured... The ugliness of the sexual fondling is just beyond one’s imagination. Aika receives a number of body blows, and gets hard hits on the cute face. They continue to torture her by choking her, pinching her nipples so hard that they almost come off, stumping on her lower stomach--her internal organs are about to be crushed. Finally, General Dogu forces the doctor to inflict tortures to Aika. The doctor in high school uniform hesitantly tortures Aika, who is severely damaged. What will happen to Aika?

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