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TAB-02 Female Combatant 02 Sweet Commander

Reiko, a secret agent, sneaks into the shadowy organization Jafar, the purpose of which is to seize the program data for the remodeling of human bodies. However, she falls into a trap and gets caught during a battle. She is then subjected to torture. In order to save Reiko, ”Sweet Commander” Minaki defeats an enemy female combatant and deprives her of the costume. She disguises as a female combatant of Jafar and beats up enemies looking for captured Reiko... But there appears brainwashed Reiko. And a one-on-one battle between Minaki and Reiko begins. They fight the battle giving vicious body blows to each other and employing a number of different techniques. Minaki’s knockdown blow arouses Reiko from brainwashing, whereat the story develops rapidly! Hard whipping, brainwashed lesbian attacks, body blows, deep lesbian punishments using unidentified liquid, Minaki being disgraced by other combatants... etc. The two combatants hurt each other, cum out of ultimate pleasure over and over again and their hearts of justice fall into a dark side...

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