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TAA-02 Torenjar 02

Fuki Sentai Toranger was the new age hero squadron, organized by Namihei Nakane, the Governor of Tokyo, who had been ripped off by a the sex trade shop and resented it, to take revenge on that. The mysterious five warriors were all suspicious-looking people who look hard to deal with. There also seemed something going on with the heroin, Yoshiwara Ranger. The five people of that sort were going to fight for maintain strict discipline of Tokyo and justice! A beautiful teacher, who worked at the famous high school oriented toward prepartaion for university entrance examination in Tokyo, was at bay. One of her student whose parent was the officer of PTA got the job in Bokuto Industry. She was forced to become Yoshiwara Ranger to get back her student to school. Other rangers got excited with ogling at her. And the time had come to go into action. She succeeded in making an invasion into Bokuto Industry as it had been planned. To get back the student Yamada, she had to win the cyborg ”Bokuto Z.” But she lost the fight with having receipt Z beam. She was taken into their hideout and bound.Her body was played and she was humiliated in front of her student. In addtion to that, she was also disgraced by him. If she became insane, the mask of Yoshiwara Ranger would be ripped off and the her idetity would be revealed to the boys including Yamada. Then, to add surrender to injury, the Green, Nichome Ranger, licked up her secret part. Finaly she was also disgraced by Bokuto Z and the boys to have the mask ripped off. The female teacher, who was on the verge of marrige, went to pieces and sunk in despair.

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