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STAK-15 Dragon Blossom

Hina Ryuo (Junko Igarashi) is the mayor of Yozakura Town, the place where monsters and humans come and go. She herself is a halfling between dragon and human. Hina uses her gifts to drive ferocious monsters out of town. Like any other night, Hina and Satoru, her secretary who has the power of detecting monsters, fight against the defiant demon. Then a man called Genzo appears before her and commands her to resign from the position of the mayor. Hina fight against Genzo but he turns out to be he is way stronger than her. He absorbs Hina’s spirit power and disgraces her to make her resign. Hina bears the surrender for the townspeople and Satoru comes to the rescue. But during the escape, Satoru becomes fatally wounded and loses his life. Hina fights against Genzo to save the town, but will she be able to defeat him? [HAPPY END]

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