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STAK-04 Some Future Super-Electromagnetic-Impact (IMPULSE)

A girl named Makoto Masaki lives in futuristic city, and she is an A-rank paranormal user of lightning. A guy named Soya Okahara is D-rank paranormal user, and has an obsession about Makoto’s ability. He’s weaker than Makoto, but he has ability to control other people’s nerve with his lightning power. One day, Okahara schemes to beat Makoto by his paranormal power and become the best lighting user. He develops ability to throw needles and nail a target without being noticed by anyone. Using this ability, first, Okahara captures a girl who is a B-rank paranormal user of teleportation named Eiko Mitsumune because she is Makoto’s best friend, and he has Makoto come to his place. Okahara puts Makoto out of action with needles and lightning, and he gives Makoto pain and pleasure, and torments Makoto. But, Makoto never yield to him, so Ohakara disgraces Makoto’s best friend Eiko in front of Makoto. Makoto is consumed by fury and counterattacks Okahara. But Eiko has a deep pain in her soul. To ease her pain, Makoto voluntarily spends night with Eiko.

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