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STAK-03 The Magic Quest

A magician named Ami travels along with the bravest of men named Ken for the purpose of beating the Prince of Darkness ’Bahameth’ that leads unhappiness in the world. Later, a female monk named Ryoma and a merchant named Stray-Cat join in with Ami and Ken. While they come close to the Prince of Darkness, the evil creatures get stronger. But they mature into a group strong enough to beat them. One day, in the course of their trip, they find Sword of the Valiant stuck on the ground. First, Ken and Stray-Cat try pulling it out but they fails. But Ami pulls it out in a breeze. Especially, Ken feels blue about it, but the companions bring up Ken, and continue making a trip. Bahameth hears about it, and Bahameth mistakes Ami for a legendary heroine who is going to beat him. So Bahameth orders the evil creatures to attack Ami intensively. While attacked and wounded by the evil creature, Ami keeps expanding the ability. Owing to that, Ami succeeds in moving to a sage in a chateau of job switch where she visits. Now she is capable to beat an enormous enemy. She gets a slate palette from an enemy she has beaten, and finds out a chateau of Prince of Darkness, and ventures into the chateau. But Bahameth’s power is stronger than they have expected, and everyone is defeated except Ami. Bahameth doesn’t kill her instantly but thoroughly disgraces her. Where will Ami’s destiny lead her?

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