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GDSC-74 Sailor Gorgeous

[Suffocation] Sailor Gorgeous fights against monsters. Just then, a lightening strikes… Sailor Gorgeous’ body is numbed and a new monster appears. She falls after getting strangled by the monsters. And now, the monster brings a chain to strangle her… [Licking] The powerful Sailor Gorgeous was defeated. She asks the combatant to release her but he does not listen to her. Of all things, he the combatant starts licking her body! Sailor Gorgeous twists and bends her body to avoid the tongue but it is no use...  [Pleasure Torture] Sailor Gorgeous is taken to the combatant’s room... Two vibrators are placed on her nipples and a mysterious drug is injected. Due to the side effects of the drug, Sailor Gorgeous’ body becomes very sensitive. The combatants tease Sailor Gorgeous and she cannot stop cumming… [Surrender] Sailor Gorgeous is played by the combatant. A monster appears and commands the heroine to give him back his toys. He strikes down Sailor Gorgeous and takes out his penis. Thanks to the pleasure torture, Sailor Gorgeous is ready to fuck. She enjoys getting disgraced by the monster and...

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