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[Surrender] Kirikaze is surprise attacked by the Ice Monster, whom she supposedly had defeated. She gets hung from the ceiling and the Ice Monster screws her hardly. Kirikaze tries to commit a suicide because her face is exposed. But the monster puts a mouth gag to stop her from biting her tongue. Although Kirikaze bears the disgrace, she experiences many orgasms. [Leg] Kirikaze fainted after the surrender. A lower-class combatant ninja caress Kirikaze’s legs. Although she regains consciousness, she had no control of her body. And appears an upper-class ninja who casts obscene spells on her leg. [Kiss] A ninja appears in front of Kirikaze and kisses her. Kirikaze shakes her face desperately to stop him from kissing her. Although she bears the disgrace, the ninja casts a spell and Kirikaze’s tongue seeks for more pleasure! [Pervert] Due to the dirty spell, Kirikaze has a burning sensation for sex. She sucks hard on the ninja’s cock and uses her body to...

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