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[Leg] REI is a man-hater. When she captures a villain, she steps on his body, torments his face, and kicks his groin until he passes out. [Pervert] REI approaches an another villain. She sits on his body, takes out his penis and teases it as if it was something filthy. The villain comes to an end after getting toyed. [Kiss] REI is defeated by a strengthened soldier. While she was passing out, the villain who got tortured by her appears and ties REI up onto a chair. REI can’t move a muscle and is kissed to get even with her. After getting kissed by what she most disgusts, REI... [Surrender] Two villains tease REI; one is toying her vagina with a machine, and another one getting a blowjob. The villain gradually inserts his penis in her vagina.

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