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GDSC-23 Teary Siren

[Domination] Teary Siren is beaten with a club that has whips and thorns on it. She gets her mask ripped off and body punched. She passes out from getting strangled but gets respired by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. But soon after, she gets strangled and revived again. She finally gets strangled with her own cloak and whipped until she falls. [Vibrator] Teary Siren is now getting harassed with a vibrator! The enemy begins with attacking her breast and her groin, but then rips off her costume to use the vibrator directly at her groin. [Surrender] After getting toyed by the enemy for a long period of time, she was very dull. Although she is fighting back by biting and shoving him away, she is forced to obey his orders after getting strangled and dislocating her arms and legs, she lost the power to fight back. Now she had no power to fight back. [Hermaphrodite] The enemy used a special magic that grew Teary Siren a penis. She gets her penis stroked, balls grabbed, and taught of a man’s pleasure and pain. The enemy sticks a skewer in her urethra and she loses control of herself due to the sting. Shortly, she feels pleasure from it and tries to ejaculate but the enemy stops and gets her half-way killed. Now she completely submits to him and masturbates like a monkey.

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