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GATE-34 Naked Heroine 34 Phase:34 Spandexer

In spite of his deep-seated grudge against Spandexer, the boss of a crime organization cannot resist the urge of making love with her. To make his impossible dream come true, the boss tried every method available, like sending out his henchmen or even hiring a monster. Spandexer is too strong a fighter for them, however, and the monster he employed runs away.... So he finally offers a job of capturing Spandexer alive to a monster Gadan the Poison Fist. But when the battle between Spandexer and Gadan is about to begin, the boss himself challenges Spandexer. He has been hatching a plan to win the battle, an ingenious plan that makes Spandexer spew up her life energy from the mouth. Spandexer is defeated with her armored suit destroyed. Despite her desperate struggles to resist, a feast of revenge and disgrace begins now.... [BAD END]

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