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CHSH-13 Hyper Sexy Heroine NEXT StarPrincess Sophia

Himeno Kisaki was found wandering around in the city five years ago, and grew up in an orphanage. But with the help of her friend Jun Maikawa, she was able to relieve the solitude. Himeno has supernatural powers but the director of the orphanage prohibited her from using them. On average days, Jun protects Himeno with her karate skills but when a monster called Plandon attacks, she had no chance of protecting her. Himeno breaks the promise and transforms to save her best friend from the monster. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get an understanding from Jun because she believes she is not trusted. After Jun and Himeno have a quarrel, two women appear and explains her about Himeno’s true identity. They say Himeno is actually Princess Sophia from the Planet Clapter. When she was escaping from the coup d’etat, she lost her memories. Most importantly, she is the only one who knows where the super weapon to rule the universe is hidden. And that was exactly the reason why they had come all the way to Earth. But Himeno senses the two women are thinking of no good. She transforms into Star Princess, but she loses against a monster, and gets tortured. What is going to happen to Himeno and Jun?..

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