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CGMD-01 My Mom the Heroine - Cutie Eye

Shizuka Misaki is a young, ordinary mother living quietly with her husband and teenage daughter. She loves chatting with her daughter Sayaka and shopping at bargain counter. Shizuka enjoys shopping today, studying a supermarket flyer. That’s when she is harassed by a hoodlum and Shizuka has to be saved by her own daughter Sayaka who cries: ”Give me a break, Mom!” One day her husband, researcher working at a laboratory, is kidnapped. Though Sayaka witnesses it, she couldn’t stop the kidnappers. But her mother Shizuka stays very cool even then. She takes out an old box from the closet and tells her secret to Sayaka. That is, Shizuka was once a heroine of justice, fighting the demonic clan called ”Mah” that was thought to be defeated, but now its escaped members re-organized the group and came back to her. Shizuka stands up again as the heroine to save her husband and daughter. Go and fight! Mamadol Heroine Cutie Eye, for your happy family!!

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