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CGCD-01 Super Heroine Cute : My Gorgeous Bodyguard

Time policeman’s Asuka was hear details of the event being made, was ordered the boy’s named Isam guard, came at the present age, and: very much though immediately helps out the Isam boy being attacked by the criminal. It was an illegal time of A class traveler that aimed at Isamu boy. Besides, the Isam boy can use ESP. A frantic organization finally corners the killer mystery man Kura bar when obtain the Isam boy aiming at the power and two sending people will be cornered by obstinacy. And, Asuka to which the shield of a reinforced suit was destroyed by attacking the Kura bar challenges the last fight to save the Isam boy, and it attacks it by acute pain as the hit of Asuka by huge scissors attack and the poison bubble of however and the Kura bar without mercy and burning up of acid club water the skin of Asuka, etc. Moreover, the Isam boy who was not able to control power turned the target of the attack to Asuka and came. Can Asuka really save the Isam boy?

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