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CGBD-43 Gravure Heroine In Grave Danger - Ostentatiously Dressed Unit Jeanne 3

Jeanne Pink / Sho Momosaki, Jeanne Blue / Ryo Aohime and Jeanne Yellow / Ran Kiino are Reiso Sentai Jeanne Three, a group of female rangers fighting ‘Darks,’ the demonic monsters’ evil organization trying to destroy the human race. As a planetary alignment begins, the Earth is enveloped in darkness, which causes Earth Jewel, source of Jeanne Three’s powers, to lose its energy. The three rangers are unable to transform now, and that is when Sho is attacked by an enemy officer Anubis, who captures her and puts her through horrific tortures. Ryo and Ran arrive to her rescue and save her life in the nick of time, but while they manage to defeat Anubis, Ran falls in the battle, mortally wounded. The Darks president Hades sets out to destroy the remaining members of Jeanne Three, and, using the memories of the two girls, Hades resurrects Sho’s best friend Ran as a monster Griffon, and Ryo’s brother Tatsuya who was killed in the battle with Darks, as a monster Garuda, and Hades sends out the monsters in order to kill the Jeanne rangers in the most merciless and cruel fashion. At first Sho and Ryo think the new enemies are imposters, but from what they hear from the monsters, Sho and Ryo are convinced that these monsters are really ‘Tatsuya’ and ‘Ran,’ and lose the will to take the fight to the end. ‘Tatsuya’ and ‘Ran’ will not stop fighting, trying to bring their beloved ones to the underworld, and continue to torment and hurt Sho and Ryo without mercy. Death is closing in on the two girl fighters desperately struggling to survive.

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