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CGBD-31 Idol In Big Crisis!! Cutie Rose Vol.2

A female monster, Jiraruba appears in front of Mai after Mai accomplishes mysterious transformation and beats a monster of the Devil Fang, Trango. Other hand, the Misty-Lily detects a danger of Mai and goes to rescue Mai, but in front of her, an enemy of long standing, Walarz blocks her way. The Cutie-Rose and the Misty-Lily, two of them transform themselves, and they fight against each enemy. However, against Jiraruba’s malicious attack, the Cutie-Rose is fallen down, and also the Misty-Lily is caught her guard off and is fallen into a deadly pinch. The monstrous snake twines around the Misty-Lily and tightly squeezes her up. And Horrifying worms suck all around body of the Cutie-Rose and take energy out of her. A secret of the sisters is let them known by Jiraruba, and the Misty-Lily tries to cover her younger sister. But the Cutie-Rose perplexes with a shocking truth. When they are driven into a corner mentally and physically, they are released from limiter of their mind!

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