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CGBD-18 Cutie Idol Wrestling BATTLE03 - The Front of Maidens-

Shizuka Ayukawa was fighting on a female wrestling group called “TFM” which broadcasted their matches on Internet TV in order to pay back her parents huge debt. And she became a very poplar star wrestler because she was very cute and besides fragile enough to get sympathy. The day she was fighting with Ai Momose who was a partner of the tag-team match against TFM champion Raia Gomon and only a male wrestler Francois Uesugi who was queer, and as expected they were really beaten so badly by them and loosing nineteen consecutive tag-team matches. In consequence, Shizuka realized the limitation of fighting with Ai, and she fought against Raia as a single tournament and succeeded to make a name. But after that, when Shizuka was fighting a tag-team match with Ai again, she was suddenly betrayed by Ai, and she had to continue fighting alone against three of them including Ai as an irregularly match style, which TMF admitted Ai’s switching over. Raia and her followers including Ai mercilessly hurt Shizuka who couldn’t fight back to them because of the shock, which was caused by Ai’s breach of faith. Is it really possible for Shizuka to get out of this difficulty!

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