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CGBD-17 Super Heroine Saves the Crisis!! - Guardian in Action

I When her father, member of a drug cartel, got caught in the crossfire, young girl Kaori Fujisaki was also involved and she was seriously wounded by a gunshot from an assassin. She spends five years in a coma and in a desperate attempt to wake her up, her grandfather Yuzou, who is an able scientist, continues to give illegal substances to the sleeping girl. One day finally Kaori wakes up from the long coma. However, the drug administered to Kaori has changed her body, transforming her into a girl with superhuman power! With her new gift, Kaori sets out to beat the criminals one after another as superheroine named ”The Guardian”. In the meanwhile, Majima, boss of the evil crime syndicate ”Ashura”, holding a grudge against the Guardian, was making a plan to get rid of her. Majima captures a female thief Ai Tsukimoto who stole into the syndicate’s warehouse and tells her that she must bring the Guardian to them if she wants to live, implanting a small bomb in the buttocks. Ai has no choice but to obey and approach to the Guardian, but...

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