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CGBD-13 Idol Squadron : Triple Lancers Escape from Dungeon of Time

Triple Lancers are bitterly defeated by Fiend of Time who can manipulate time as he wishes.... Fuyuno Toyotomi, proudest member of the Lancers, wouldn’t stand it, fights back the fiend alone, trying to find the weak point of their enemy. However, Fiend of Time stops time while Fuyuno’s transformation is still going on. Fuyuno is forced to fight a one-on-one battle against all-too-powerful Fiend only with the inner suit in the strange space where time stops forever. Fuyuno fights bravely, but she is no match for Fiend of Time, who ruthlessly beats her up. Battered Fuyuno can no longer stand on her feet and thinks it’s all over until she remembers the pledge she and her partners Himika Oda and Mikoto Tokugawa made together and she summons the strength to fight back, once and for all, and put an end to everything! But is there any way to defeat Fiend of Time? And can she really find it?!...

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