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CGBD-06 Cutie Idol Wrestling BATTLE01 -Panther Ladies-

Tiger Lady, who burned out and collapsed onto the mat in the previous match, wakes up a few hours later... She, as a female investigator in reality, changes into a black leotard and investigates the premises where the under-the-ground wrestling match took place... But she is captured and tortured by Lady Cobra... Agonized screams of the lady investigator resound throughout the premises... However, she is rescued by Panther Lady. Then she decides to get in another match to arrest the string puller of the evil organization Laughin’ Zoo, who only appears in front of a champion. But the opponent is formidable Panther Lady! Again the two beauties hurt each other showing splendid techniques... In the next match against Lady Cobra, she is ripped off her mask by force, strangled with a chain and completely beaten up! Yet Tiger Lady returns to the ring to defeat Lady Cobra...! What is the real identity of the string puller that the lady investigator Tiger Lady will find out...!? The Sexy and well-stacked wrestler Tiger Lady carries on fighting with her leotard biting into her hips!

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