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AZGB-16 Future Fighters

The Toujou (means east-stream) Conglomerate has been gathering distinguished fleshes and creating mutants in order to control the world. To stop his evil ambition, a female secret investigator, Phi Chung (means white spring) sneaks into an underground combative tournament hold by the president of the Toujou Conglomerate, Toujou himself. Her purpose is to win the tournament’s victory and to slip into inside of Toujou’s organization, and to seize evidences of the Mutant Plan. As scheduled, she joins the tournament, and at first she stands face to face with a world wrestling champion from Germany named Scorpion, who has got a tastes of killing people in the matches and has become a mercenary. She is afflicted with sadistic attack of a power-fighter, Scorpion, but somehow she crushes the opponent. And Phi Chung goes on to the semifinals, and she confronts with three opponents, such as a street fighter, a master of the art of drawing the sword, and a karate fighter. These men have strength in proportion to their obtaining card, ”Jack”, ”Queen”, and ”King.” But fortunately, she crushes all of them and succeeds in going on to the final. Her final opponent is a female bat master, Carry. Carry finds out that Phi Chung tries to search something, but contrary to Phi Chung’s thought, Carry says she will help Phi Chung if she becomes her lover. Of course, Phi Chung refuses Carry’s offer and also crushes her like others. However, Carry totally flips herself into Toujou’s side and betrays Phi Chung after all. Now, Phi Chung is captured by the enemy, and surprisingly, Carry appears in front of Phi Chung as her torture officer and she utilizes electricity and her vaunt skillful fingers as her torture tools, treating Phi Chung so harshly. But luckily, Phi Chung escapes her narrow death even if she has suffered from the serious torture, and she succeeds in beating Carry. Then she appears in front of Toujou and challenges a fight. She once seems to win the fight against Toujou, who utilizes Muay Thai. But right before he passes away, he turns himself into a mutant and starts attacking her again. Well, is it possible for Phi Chung to accomplish the mission!? [BAD END]

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