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AZGB-06 Female Combatants Battle

Aoi Kono has sneaked into an evil organization named Dark-Mist, and she has been put to training as the female combatant No. 841 along with No.773 and No. 625 by their female instructor named O. After No.841 and others finish the hard training only aimed for terminating the super heroine named the Asteflare, who is rising against Dark-Mist, they head to a spot to fight against her. Those female combatants fight against the Asteflare with pro wrestling techniques which they have learned from the instructor O, but they’re powerless before Asteflare. After the instructor O sees No. 841 and others, she joins the fight but she is ripped off her mask while she is fighting. Asteflare is so surprised and freezes when she looks at her face. Actually they used to be rival pro wrestlers as well as friends back in old days. After Asteflare becomes hesitant by the surprise, No. 625 takes the leading part, and they treat Asteflare harshly and capture her. After Asteflare is taken away to the base of Dark-Mist, she is tortured so harshly, and she is ripped off her mask. Reika as the instructor O is so agitated, but she desperately keeps her feeling inside and kills her emotion; and she continues to torture Asteflare more harshly. But No. 841 removes the restriction of Shoko(Asteflare), who has been holding the torture and seriously slumped. However, the other female combatants are at high alert and capture No. 841. No. 841 is seriously tortured, and she is put into a brainwashing machine... After Asteflare recovers her physical strength, she goes to rescue No.841 but she is confronted and attacked by the female combatants. She has so much hard time to fight against them, but she manages to beat them. And after that, a serious big fight starts between Asteflare and the instructor O.

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