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AZGB-03 AKIBATTLE - Queen of the Cosmos

Reona Shishino begins to realize that she is not an ordinary human being when she conquere difficulties by exerting superhuman powers at the time an attacker almost kills her. One day, three aliens called Lionne, Zozman and Algieba emerge in front of Reona and press her to hand over ”Golden Mane”. Although Reona runs away having sensed something weird with them, she gets caught. Having gone through the danger of death in the course of tortures and got shocked to know that Zozman group killed her foster parents, Reona comes to herself as a Regulsian from head to toe. But she again gets held in captivity as the previous damages prevail. Lionne, who is now infuriated by the vicious way of the Zozman group, rescues Reona but gets caught instead. Reona falls into the arms of the Zozman group to save the life of Lionne. What will be the destinies of Lionne and Reona?!

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