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AZGB-02 AKIBATTLE - Wonder Pair VS Iron Spider

A battle between Wonder Pair, popular wrestlers belonging to New Sanyo Professional Wrestling, and Iron Spider is going on for the unified championship. Although Wonder Pair pulls off victory, this match turns out to be attended with a terrifying trap. George Takemura, manager of New Sanyo Professional Wrestling, received kickback money from Don Crown of Killer Crown in return for throwing the match! Without knowing that, Wonder Pair wins a victory reversing whispering. Having made a huge loss, Don Crown holds Amazon Haraguchi, one of Wonder Pair, as a hostage and demands her partner, an idol wrestler, Beauty Ikeda to fight in Death Trournament, a shadowy wrestling match hosted by Killer Crown. Death Tournament is a horrifying ruleless death match! Will Beauty Ikeda be able to survive in this tournament?

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