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ATHB-41 A Beautiful Wrestler VS.A Bizarre Monster

Noah is a girlie wrestler, glamorous and invincible, fitting well in American comic costumes. She has had her little-sister colleague kidnapped and taken as hostage by a rogue pro-wrestling body and, she is forced to fight in the suspicious underground match. But her opponent is no ordinary grappler... Transformed into the grotesque monster of a specter, he wields mean tactics to annoy and beat Noah, the beauty wrestler. While in the bout, the specter gets fresh and horny, disgraces her to cum inside her, letting everybody in town know about it... Noah, despite the wanton fight, beats the monstrous specter down but loses the fight due to a foul play. The next bout is set under worse conditions with a couple of monstrous specters. Noah again has to fight through a lynching set-up and her colleague wrestler is disgraced by the monstrous old man. Under rigorous torture by the monstrous specter, Noah can no longer take it and loses her life... [Bad ending]

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