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ATHB-37 Fighting Game Heroine - Sacrifice of Fighters

A little girl Mai Saotome loves combat games and keeps winning day in and day out at the game center. One day, in front of Mai appears Rei Ijuin, the developer of the combat game Mai is hanged up on. Observing how Mai is caught up in playing, Ijuin asks her to test a new game. Mai, crazy about Rei, gladly accepts the request. On the following day, Mai goes to join in the test at the game center that is now reserved for the test. The new game, linking the game machine and the player, engages the player to travel into the virtual space created by the machine for fighting. But, there is a catch in this game; the player feels the real sensation given in the game. If the character gets damaged in the game, the player feels the pain, and if the character is caressed, the player feels the pleasure. Mai is trapped in the virtual space, from witch she cannot break away on her own will. Taking advantage, Rei turns into different characters, gropes her as he pleases, and finally screws her to his heart’s content. [Bad ending]

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