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ATHB-35 Martial Arts Game Heroine - Metal Caryver

The kingdom of Centuria was once a paradise blessed with beautiful nature and abundant resources. However, a swordsman named Hellbeyond robbed the king of “Metal Caliber,” a magical sword that controls the powers of Good and Evil of Centuria, to obtain the force of Darkness. Since that day Centuria has been the land of darkness ruled by the horde of evil spirits that came from the hell. King Cedric sends on a special mission Selentia, daughter of a blacksmith living in Rossum, a remote town of Centuria. Selentia is confused and bewildered at this unexpected turn of life, but she is in fact destined to become a warrior, being a descendant of King Cedric and Walkiria, the war goddess who brought peace to the land. Selentia journeys to restore peace to her country, but she is confronted by the royal guardsmen protecting Hellbeyond. Selentia fights her way to Castle Beyond, but there most humiliating traps await the heroine! [HAPPY END]

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