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ATHB-06 Heroine Battle Space fleet star ranger

Seira Akagi, the leader of Space Forces Star Ranger, has prized out of a space informer that her father is fighting at the shadowy wrestling organized by a space criminal group Ragu, and gets into the venue by herself. There she sees her father Tsuyoshi Akagi, who was believed to be killed. He turns out to be manipulated by Ragu with drugs. Having transformed into Red, Seira rescued Tsuyoshi but a senior monster Golarin gets in their way. The influence of drug obliges Tsuyoshi to cooperate with Golarin during the battle and Red gets caught being unable to show her real strength. She is subjected to torture at the hideout of Ragu. Being worn out, Red is taken to the wrestling venue, where her father is waiting. And a fierce fight kicks off...

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