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ATHB-01 AKIBATTLE Super Heroine Wild Battle

Nana Shiratori, the only girl of the Bird Fighters, has her family member kidnapped by the Fighters’ old-time enemy Galadyne. Nana, the Bird White, sets out alone recklessly to the enemy’s hideout to rescue her family... Meanwhile, Earth Yellow and Earth Green of the Earth Five have been fighting the clan of evils called Galadyne. Green gets captured by the monsters of Galadyne in trying to save Yellow out of a pinch. Yellow, deeply in love with Green, infiltrates into Galadyne’s base... And, in the hideout appears in front of Bird White a brainwashed fighter calling himself Earth Green. After an uphill battle, Bird White kills Green accidentally with her deadly feather Ninja star. But, it has only been a shrewdly calculated machination by Galadyne...just to engage Earth Yellow and Bird White in a deadly fight so that the justice fighters will terminate each other. Without knowing the plot, they start fighting, Earth Yellow for the sake of revenge and Bird White for the sake of rescuing her family. The battle between the two girlie fighters for their pride and with their skills carries them as far as into the enemy’s ring coliseum, where fighters look on as spectators for the outcome. Which will come out as the winner? At the end of the battle awaits a cynical bad finale... A horrific battle between the earth’s second generation rangers, Bird Fighter and Earth Five! Two shouldn’t fight each other. Whichever is lost benefits the evils. Plush shapely bodies of the beautiful girlie fighters are getting battered and smeared in the battle field...

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