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AKBD-25 Heroine Cat Fight 004

Sailor Pink vs. Sailor Blue: The two girls are both Sailor Fighters fighting for justice, but today they wind up fighting head-on in the ring to decide who is really the strongest one deserving the name of Sailor Fighter! The sexy, round bodies of two girls with erotic faces bounce and jiggle up and down non-stop as the battle goes on. During the girls’ close-contact moves the camera quickly takes the best position to give you the sexiest shots of the girls that will make your cock hard and your balls ache!! Watch the forced orgasm of the girl passing out with an electric vibrator between her legs; and also the girls’ great fighting, with their costumes torn and ripped, and huge breasts shaking like big balloons, and that is amazing!! And don’t forget the abdominal stretch of the girls with their big bare breasts!! You should not miss their great thick thighs of the girls and their panty shots in the figure four leg-lock scene! And the girls’ lesbian-like facesitting and more!!

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