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AKBD-05 Costume Play Fight 001

First Match Kanae Serizawa & Yuna Asano vs Bulldozer & Dump Car Uncrowned kings of the ring, ferocious Bulldozer and Dump Car will challenge the champion team of Kanae and Yuka, the queens of the underworld fighting arena. Kanae and Yuna have slender bodies, but they float like butterflies and sting like bees and anyone who lives in the world of underground arena fighting knows them. But now the duo of power and destruction is about to wage a deadly battle with them. Which team will the Goddess of Victory smile upon in the end? Second Match Challengers Karin Fujita & Yuna Asano vs Champions Black Mask No. 1 & No. 2, or Men’s representative vs Women’s representative. There will be a perfect storm in the underground fighting arena. Will a gorgeous flower really bloom in this dark and dump arena?

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